Madhumita Sushil

Computational Linguistics and Psycholinguistics Research Center,
University of Antwerp

Mail: Prinsstraat 13 (L), 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

Office: S.L.207, Lange Winkelstraat 40, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium


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About me

I am a PhD student in clinical Natural Language Processing at the Computational Linguistics and Psycholinguistics (CLiPS) Research Center, University of Antwerp, Belgium. My PhD supervisors are Prof. Dr. Walter Daelemans and Dr. Simon Šuster. My research interest is to apply machine learning algorithms to understand natural language text, with a current focus on clinical text. In particular, I am investigating different deep learning techniques to learn semantic representations at the patient level. In the clinical domain, an important requirement is often making predictions explainable. Consequently, my second focus involves developing model-agnostic interpretability methods to better understand these representations and how they affect downstream prediction tasks. I am currently working on the project Accumulate funded by the the government agency Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO).

I hold a Master of Science in Language Science and Technology (spec. Language Technology) from Saarland University, Germany, and a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from VIT University, Vellore, India. Previously, I have worked on clinical text understanding also as a Junior Research Developer at the Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium. Furthermore, I have worked towards recognizing textual entailment for the EU-funded Excitement project as a Research Assistant at the German Research Center for Artifical Intelligence (DFKI), Saarbrücken, Germany.